MN 04 Verndale

2020/08/11 7:00pm - 2020/08/11 10:00pm

Tuesday Night Run
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
R & J Arena
Verndale, MN 56481

Exhibitions 4:30am  -6:45am            $4.00 or 3/$10.00
Run starts at 7:00
Pee Wee Barrels (8 & under)                 $5.00
NBHA/PEWC Open 5-D                                                   $23.00
NBHA/PEWC SR 5-D                                                        $18.00
NBHA/PEWC Youth 5-D                                                  $18.00

Office Fee per PERSON                                                   $10.00

** Everyone please pick up after your selves and your horses.
* Please use social Distancing at all times (6ft apart)
* we will be following the CDC Guide lines
* If your sick or not feeling well please stay home.
We are trying to keep everyone safe and healthy.
Thank You  Everyone for doing your part.
Contact person: Rhonda Amundson    218-851-0883/

Address to Arena:
19345 150th ST Verndale, MN 56481